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November 16, 2016


The American people have made

their decision on the next Presi-

dent of the United States, members

of Congress as well as state and

local officials. I congratulate Mr.

Trump and everyone elected. Now

is the moment to move toward the

responsibility of governing for the

common good of all citizens. Let

us not see each other in the divisive

light of Democrat or Republican or

any other political party, but rather,

let us see the face of Christ in our

neighbors, especially the suffering or

those with whom we may disagree.

We, as citizens and our elected

representatives, would do well to

remember the words of Pope Fran-

cis when he addressed the United

States Congress last year, “all po-

litical activity must serve and pro-

mote the good of the human person

and be based on respect for his or

her dignity.” Millions of Americans

who are struggling to find economic

opportunity for their families voted

to be heard. Our response should be

simple: we hear you. The respon-

WASHINGTON—Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski of Miami, chairman

of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Develop-

ment, lauded the spirit of the updated environmental justice plan from the

Environmental Protection Agency, published last month.

The agency’s plan, entitled Environmental Justice 2020 Action Agenda,

builds on the 2014 plan. The updated version seeks to “integrate environ-

mental justice considerations in all of the agency’s programs, strengthen

EPA’s collaboration with partners, and demonstrate progress on significant

national challenges facing minority and low-income communities.”

“The concern for the good of people, especially the poor and vulnerable

communities, is one of the central messages in Pope Francis’ encyclical on

the environment,” Archbishop Wenski said. “We welcome efforts by the EPA

that recognize what the Pope calls ‘integral ecology,’ where respect for hu-

man life and wellbeing go hand in hand with environmental protection.”

Published in 2015, Pope Francis’ ecological encyclical

Laudato si’


garnered worldwide attention and made an important impact on environmen-

tal action across the globe. The encyclical touches on environmental justice

issues, such as respect for tribal communities, the principles of subsidiarity

and solidarity, the emphasis on caring for the poor and the invitation to dia-

logue within a culture of encounter.

sibility to help strengthen families

belongs to each of us.

The Bishops Conference looks

forward to working with President

Trump to protect human life from

its most vulnerable beginning to its

natural end. We will advocate for

policies that offer opportunity to all

people, of all faiths, in all walks of

life. We are firm in our resolve that

our brothers and sisters who are mi-

grants and refugees can be humanely

welcomed without sacrificing our

security. We will call attention to the

violent persecution threatening our

fellow Christians and people of oth-

er faiths around the world, especially

in the Middle East. And we will

look for the new administration’s

commitment to domestic religious

liberty, ensuring people of faith re-

main free to proclaim and shape our

lives around the truth about man and

woman, and the unique bond of mar-

riage that they can form.

Every election brings a new be-

ginning. Some may wonder whether

the country can reconcile, work

Bishops encourage faithful citizens to come together

Bishops’ committee lauds

environmental plan

together and fulfill the promise of

a more perfect union. Through the

hope Christ offers, I believe God will

give us the strength to heal and unite.

Let us pray for leaders in public

life that they may rise to the respon-

sibilities entrusted to them with

grace and courage. And may all of

us as Catholics help each other be

faithful and joyful witnesses to the

healing love of Jesus.

WASHINGTON—Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville,

KY, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, issued

this statement regarding the election of Donald Trump as President:

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