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November 16, 2016

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Cardinal JosephW. Tobin, C.Ss.R.

kinship. “The Archdiocese of Indi-

anapolis, from which he will join

us, and the Diocese of Peoria, from

which I originate, share a bound-

ary—a friendly boundary, I might

add. The Midwest experience might

have some influences, as I am sure

you soon will learn.”

Born in Detroit, and the eldest of

13 children, Cardinal Tobin is a son

of the heartland. However, his call

to ministry has taken him around the

world. “I have understood that God

has called me to live my baptism as

a missionary disciple: one who is

called by Jesus to be with Him and

be sent forth to preach and to heal,”

he explained.

In 1973, the cardinal professed

vows as a member of the Congrega-

tion of the Most Holy Redeemer, the

Redemptorists, and in 1978, he was

ordained to both the diaconate and

the priesthood. For several years,

Cardinal Tobin spread the Gospel

oversees and speaks English, Span-

ish, Italian, French and Portuguese,

and reads several other languages.

His experience in dealing with peo-

ple from varied backgrounds will be

an important skill in ministering to

the diverse communities within the

Archdiocese of Newark.

“My service of the Church

obliged me to live many years

in cultures different from the

Irish-American ambient of my

family. So I am excited to lead an

archdiocese where the Eucharist is

celebrated each Sunday in 20 lan-

guages,” Cardinal Tobin said.

“God has graced me with good

health and energy; I will try to use

this in service of faith,” he contin-

ued. “I have learned to respect other

cultures and to welcome the witness

of other people. I am comfortable in

that environment.”

After a contentious election,

Cardinal Tobin said he will aim

to bring people together in faith.

“Some values of wider society have

penetrated people of faith. There is

a growing polarization of the United

States. We have incorporated this

‘Red State’ versus ‘Blue State’ men-

tality into our beliefs. (The Church)

can help bring the country togeth-

er. Whatever different ideologies,

we can still listen to each other and

work for a common good.”

Although he stated that he had

no immediate vision for the future

of the archdiocese, Cardinal Tobin

shared that there were three princi-

ples that will guide his ministry as

he discerns with the people of the

Church of Newark the way forward.

“The criterion by which I can be

judged is whether, by word and ac-

tions, I led people to a deeper love

for Jesus, who is the merciful face

of God. My first conviction is that

I am called to watch over the unity

of this archdiocese and to encour-

age in charity the journey of all

toward an ever-greater knowledge,

faith and love of Christ. My second

conviction is that the love of Christ

is made manifest through His Body,

the Church.”

Cardinal Tobin added that he

believes “that the Church in every

age is challenged to reproduce the

double miracle that accompanied her

birth” at Pentecost.

The cardinal then expressed

his gratitude to “the power of the

Gospel, which has brought about re-

markable growth of Christ’s Church

in this archdiocese and enabled its

generous contribution, past and

present, to American society and to

the world; to Pope Francis, for his

leadership of the Church and the ex-

ample of his life—which teaches me

how to be a bishop—to Archbishop

Myers, for the 15 years he has spent

laboring for the good of the Church,

and; to my beloved Archdiocese of

Indianapolis—her clergy, religious

and faithful—in thanksgiving for all

we have been able to do together, for

the love and respect we share, for

the unity that we will continue to en-

joy in the communion of saints and

the Breaking of the Bread.”

Cardinal Tobin attended Mount

Saint Alphonsus Seminary in New

York (1977-1979) and holds mas-

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ters degrees in religious education

(1977) and divinity (1979), as well

as a bachelor’s degree in philosophy


After ordination he served as:

associate pastor, Holy Redeemer

Parish (1979-1984) in Detroit with

a principal responsibility of pastoral

service to the Hispanic community.

He also served as retreat preacher

for Cursillos de Cristiandad and in

youth ministry. Other responsibil-

ities in the Archdiocese of Detroit

included episcopal vicar (1980-86),

member of the presbyteral council

(1985-90), and in the metropoli-

tan tribunal (1980-90). From 1984

to1990, he served as pastor at Holy

Redeemer Parish, and pastor of St.

Alphonsus Parish, in Chicago (1990

to 1991).

On Aug. 2, 2010, he was named

by Pope Benedict XVI as secretary

of the Congregation for Institutes of

Consecrated Life and Societies of

Apostolic Life. On Oct. 18, 2012,

Pope Benedict appointed himArch-

bishop of Indianapolis.

Advocate photos by Al Frank