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Vol. 66 No.8

July 19, 2017

The community newspaper of the Archdiocese of Newark

Felician University professor to co-chair U.N. dialogue

Fire-damaged Union City church to be rebuilt


r. Mary Norton, a pro-

fessor and executive

director of the Center

for Global Academic

Initiatives at Felician

University, has devoted her life’s

work to social justice and ethical

health care. With a Fulbright Senior

Scholar Award, she worked in the

Muslim world and developed a Mas-

ter of Science in Nursing Program at

the University of Jordan. Addition-

ally, she has developed educational

programs in China, Iran and Paki-

stan and worked with the Interna-

tional Rescue Committee in Cambo-

dian Refugee Camps. She has also

taught many courses on nursing and

ethics at Felician University.

Also on Norton’s extensive re-

sume is her role as a civil society

leader at the United Nations. She has

served several times as an officer on

the Department of Public Informa-

tion/Non-Governmental Organiza-

tions Executive Committee.

On Aug. 1, Norton will co-chair

“Intergenerational Dialogues on the

Sustainable Development Goals” at

U.N. headquarters in New York City.

The development goals were adopt-

ed by the United Nations member

states in September 2015 to end pov-

erty, protect the planet and ensure

human rights for all. These goals

are to be achieved by 2030. The

dialogue’s aim is to raise awareness

of the value youth and older persons

can bring to help implement these


“We have to shift the perspective

By Melissa McNally



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Dr. Mary Norton

Ss. Joseph and Michael Parish, Union City

Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., has announced to the people of

Ss. Joseph and Michael Parish in Union City that their church building,

which was severely damaged by fire on March 4, will be rebuilt. The

fire also caused the death of a 2-year-old boy, injured many others and

ravaged homes surrounding Central and Summit Avenues.

In a letter written in English and Spanish and distributed to parish-

ioners at weekend Masses, the cardinal stated: “I know that the Union

City community continues to feel pain from the events of March 4. I met

many of you the night of the tragedy and we shared our fears, asking

Christ the Redeemer for guidance and support. Today, I am happy to re-

port that we will rebuild Ss. Joseph and Michael.”

The project, estimated to cost some $5 million and take about 16

months to complete, will restore the interior and exterior of the church

and replace the liturgical vessels, vestments, statuary and other items

that were lost in the fire. Funds for the project will come from insurance


In his letter, Cardinal Tobin also referenced the contributions of

many individuals in the government and administration of Union City

and thanked them for their support on the night of the fire and in the

months since the tragedy.

“I wish to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude to

Mayor Brian Stack and Martin Martinetti of the city government, as

well as Police Chief Richard Molinari and all of the members of Union

City’s Emergency Management and Public Safety staffs, for their car-

ing, professionalism and dedication to the people of the community,”

he wrote. “We could not announce this new start for Ss. Joseph and Mi-

chael without their energy, cooperation and steady support.”

Cardinal Tobin concluded: “We have all prayed strongly and fer-

vently during the past four months for this day. Our prayers have been


that young people and older individ-

uals are only the beneficiaries of so-

cial policy, but in actuality, they can

be agents of social change,” Norton


The developmental goals seem

large in scale, but Norton suggests

each citizen can help on a local level.

“Each goal has targets. For ex-

ample, ending world hunger. You

can do your part by volunteering at

a local soup kitchen or by having a

food pantry,” she said.

In her role as a professor at Feli-

cian, she stresses that a key compo-

nent of achieving these goals is civic

involvement: “I teach students that

you have to make sure the govern-

ment implements these goals and

shows that it cares about the poor.

We should all participate in govern-